New year, new site! I figured as 2015 was very poor for me with Astrophography that I would start fresh with a new site where I can share my latest images but also my various build and equipment used in my setup.

2015 might have been poor with imaging but I did manage to get two new creation that will hopefully enhance my Astrophotography potential...

The first of this two creation is my pier, something I wanted to do for a long time to cut down on time setting up but also to be able to get a better location for my scope - centre of the decking. Here are a few pics of the build of the pier:

The second creation/project is a Shed, mainly to replace my old one but also built with the objective of being able to monitor the Telescope while imaging seating nice and cosy in the shed. The window and workbench were placed especially for that purpose of being able to see the Pier/Scope from. Still a Work In Progress but here are some shots:

In conclusion I hope I will get to image a lot more, I certainly will put a lot more effort in getting out!